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Do you have a burning question on deer food plots you need answered?

Maybe you have a deer hunting question you are dying to ask but can't find the answer to.

Some hunters have questions that even they don't want to ask their friends for fear of embarrasment.

Have you asked the question and got a poor answer?

I usually try the internet forums first myself for any questions I might have. You see, I am a rancher. We like free..we like duct tape. We watch Red Green! I am sure most of you know what I am talking about

Most of the time, the questions get answered, but sometimes the answers are too general, or I just don't have enough spare time to visit in the forums that week or that month. Ocassionally the information doesn't quite hit the mark.

So,if you are having trouble getting the right answers, I am here to help you.

My specialty is deer food plots, but as you can see from my biography, I have been around. I can either get you the information you need, or I know someone who has the information you need.

For your future benefit, I am also putting together free online trainings and assembling content for future webinars. For those questions that just keep repeating themselves, I will make a point of developing content which will be available on the website for your future use.

For example, I had a client email me with questions about bracken fern control. I noticed he was not the only one with bracken fern issues. In addition to answering his question, I posted some additional information on my blog

This way all hunters can make use of the effort I put into that question without having to pay for it. This approach will be beneficial to you and to me.

It will decrease the amount of time I spend answering questions and will allow you to access more information free of charge in the future. For more complicated issues, and specific trainings, there will be webinars where you can get additional questions answered.

Then you can submit your question here:

Or mail me at:

Coronation, Alberta.
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