About Us

Hi there,

My husband, daughter and I live in rural Alberta, Canada (ranch country). My husband is a full time rancher and I still do consulting as a veterinarian in the United States and Canada.

My involvement with ranching, farming, hunting, nutrition and veterinary medicine has now spanned over 30 years.

Since I was old enough to pitch a fork or carry a gun, I have been involved in some way with these industries.

When I was growing up my dad was always bringing home coyote pelts, as well as deer and moose for the freezer. We also spent a lot of summer weekends out there hanging a fishing line into a lake or stream.

In my veterinary career, I have had the opportunity to address the nutritional and health needs of more than 12 different species of animals. I have had the opportunity to live and work in many different regions of the United States and Canada. I can appreciate the variation from region to region, and the challenges we all face with regards to successful planting and maintaining deer food plots. Some of the highlights of my travels were:

  • Digging the car out of the snow after a day at university
  • living in the only place you can watch your dog run away for 3 days
  • ice fishing
  • the wind chill factor
  • larger than life whitetail and mule deer large deer
  • university pubs
  • great goose hunting
  • excellent stream fishing
  • the salmon run
  • seriously big fishM
  • winter camping
  • hiking
  • exotic animals
  • ”fly in” remote area vet clinics
  • 78 Below Zero temps
  • long work hours spent accumulating those James Harriet type stories for use at dinner parties
  • the best pecan pie I have ever tasted
  • mosquitos on steroids
  • sled dog races
  • caribou
  • game put on roof tops for storage (who needs a freezer when you live in one)
  • seriously deep ice (doubles as a freeway for semi-trucks and trailers mid winter)
  • 24 hour daylight
  • the best northern light display ever
  • Northern woods hunting

So you can see, my veterinary career over the last 20 years looks a little like the C&W tune, “I’ve been everywhere.”

When you are talking cold, I know cold. I know ranching. I know what it takes to feed everything from lizards to buffalo. I have grown crops and plants in the harshest of conditions. I see huge Alberta Whitetail and Mule Deer right on my land. Close to the road too, except in hunting season! It brings me back to gaming and the respect for the big ones. You have to be sly to get a good rack.

Since we don’t have the benefit of large bush covered territory, in our area you have to be stealth to actually get close enough for a good shot.

Deer food plots help keep things a bit more centralized in a place where the sky goes on forever.

A plot well planned and planted can make the difference between stories about “the one that got away” and the actually getting those photographs screaming through the mail or over the internet.

Let me know how you like “Deer Food Plots Made Easy”.

Send me your hunting and success stories and I will be sure to print them on the website.